The Indian Society has always been very compassionate and conscious towards its responsibility for those suffering from various physical or mental disabilities, it blind, deaf or other\wise handicapped. A child with hearing impairedness is normal individual both physically and mentally and they have all the capabilities to become good citizens if properly educated and taken care. We need continuous support of the society as the needs to bring out a full citizens out of specially challenged students.

It was long ago when philanthropic family of ‘Poddars’ appreciating the need to support such ‘Badhir’ children decided to join hands with the Government of Rajasthan and established Seth Anandi Lal Poddar School at Jaipur in Jul, 1945. It is a matter of pride that in due course of time, the school has become the largest school in Rajasthan catering to the need of 692 children (174 girls and 518 boy) and is amongst the largest in Northern India.

The school provides education through sign language, vocational courses and free lodging and boarding of 245 students (both girls and boys). The school run as a part of the Department of Education of Government of Rajasthan and has achieved many laurels and recognition both in education and otherwise as would be evident from the detailed brochure presented herewith.

The School has been fortunate to have also continuous support from various Patrons, corporate and other NGO’s philanthropic including foreigners in taking forward various activities.

There are large number of students, (deaf boys and girls) from rural areas who are not able to come and join the school because of lack of hostel and other facilities. Shri S.S. Bhandari, FCA and Shri P.P. Pareek, FCA took the call and constructed additional blocks in hostels, one for boys and one for girls in November 2008. As part of corporate Social Responsibility, M/s Gas Authority of Indian Ltd. Manglam Group of Builders through Shri N.K. Gupta, FCA, M/s Coca cola and other organizations, various initiatives are continuously going on to improve the infrastructure facilities, vocational training etc for such students. M/s Rural Electric Corporation of India (REC). Government of India, PSU has also sanctioned Rs. 115.81 Lacs towards additional block for Girls Hostel and class room.

It is worthwhile to mention the unique initiative of serving milk/chhach to every students, (Who are taking mid-day meal in school) since 2010 through family foundation of Shri S.S. Bhandari, FCA. This supplement nutrition is need of growing child.

The school compound also has a Doll Museum which was established by Seksariya family in the year 1979 and was a tourist attraction centre. However, by passage of time. It needed complete re-furnishing. Yashwant Kanwar Ranjeet Singh Bhandari Memorial Foundation has joined the hands with Government of Rajasthan to rebuild, renovate and redecorate existing wing and at the same time constructone additional wing. On completion, it will be a landmark attraction centre for students/tourist and all surplus out of its collection will go towards the welfare of students of school.

All these initiative have been possible because of team and support of colleagues of mine who have untiring zeal and efforts to educate these children. We look forward for continuous support.

Shri Bharat Joshi
+91 9460727656